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NFA is building strong collaborations in order to deliver high quality products.


We are working very close with Greek farmers to guarantee best quality and high efficiency and sustainability of raw materials.


At the same time we have established collaborations with the scientific community through collaborative research projects.

HORIZON 2020 Project

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) project.

FRIETS is a joint research and innovation initiative focusing on the sustainable optimization of the value chain of added-value fresh and dried berries through the integration of Precision Agriculture management strategies and innovative dehydration and edible coating processes


Scientific collaboration with Food Engineering Research Team  (FERST). FERST has substantial research activity in the field of food technology and engineering, supervised by Prof. Petros Taoukis. FERST is part of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

Scientific collaboration

Chiron Kentauros Greek Organic Herbs

A company active in the cultivation, collection, processing, packaging and marketing of herbs

Raw materials provider

Organic Islands

A constantly growing, innovative company in the field of production and processing of organic aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs

Raw materials provider


Tailor made extraction equipment designed and manufactured by AFIMAR experts.

Equipment collaborators
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