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Eleni Gogou

Chemical Engineer, PhD

Co-founder, Scientific Consultant

Main areas of expertise include food science and engineering, new product development. Expert in novel processing technologies such as high pressure processing of foods, high pressure induced extraction techniques, shelf life studies of food and cosmetics products, valorization of by-products, cold chain management and optimization.

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Dimitris Tsimogiannis

Chemist, PhD

Scientific Consultant, R&D

He has substantial experience in the isolation, identification and study of the antioxidant components from aromatic plants, and the incorporation of natural antioxidants in oils for increased stability. He is qualified for the development of recovery and analytical protocols concerning aroma compounds from food matrices. 

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Minas Soulis

Mechanical Engineer

Process Operations

Minas Soulis is a Mechanical Engineer. He is an expert in designing processing lines.


Minas Soulis is in charge of NFA process operations and maintenance.

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