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About Us

NFA is an innovation driven SME specializing in extracting bioactive compounds from organically cultivated herbs while investigating the use of agrofood by-products as new sources of raw materials.

NFA extraction processes are designed to recover different fractions of bioactive compounds including antioxidants, water/oil soluble phenols, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids etc. Recovered extracts are further formulated to produce natural ingredients for the food and cosmetics producing sectors.

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Time for you to discover NFA extracts


Bioactive compounds extraction from organically cultivated herbs

We are specializing in the recovery of different fractions of bioactive compounds found in aromatic and pharmaceutical plants, serving as natural extracts. NFA extracts are rich in compounds of high biofunctionality: antioxidant, anti-flammatory, etc
NFA natural extracts are tailored to be fully compatible with a wide range of food and cosmetics.

Herb Plants

Agrofood by-products and side streams valorization 

NFA has been active in the recovery of valuable bioactive compounds from several side streams such as herbs distillation biomass  and coffee brewing.


R&D consulting

NFA is providing consulting services on new product development to food producing SMEs.


NFA team members are experts specializing in food engineering and food technology with a strong and long collaboration with the scientific and research community.


Design and development of new extracts

We are collaborating with passionate teams and start-up companies that want to design and develop innovative extracts from scratch! 

Do you have a new idea  on an unexplored source of bioactive compounds?

Do you want to launch your new brand of cosmetic products with your own exclusive "signature" extract?

Are you a farmer exploring new ways of giving added value to your farming business?

NFA can undertake a throrough technical study to desing and develop extracts on behalf of you! 

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NFA extracts are rich in antioxidant compounds and their use in rich in oil and fats food and cosmetics products lead to an effective inhibition of lipid oxidation and rancidity phenomena, extending the shelf life up to 100 %.



NFA extracts posess a wide range of biofunctional properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,  antifungal, healing among others. The use of NFA extracts can give biofunctional properties to your products.

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GO "clean"

How "clean" is your products' ingredients label?

NFA extracts are here to replace artificial antioxidants  and chemical preservatives.

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