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Our Mission

Our mission is the holistic exploitation of plant sources offering to the food and cosmetics producing sector natural additives and new sources of raw materials with bioactive functionality.

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Our Vision

Our vision is knowledge and research findings transfer with regards the use of natural additives and extracts in food and cosmetics products with superior quality and functionality, and extended commercial shelf life.
Our efforts are focused on delivering solutions to the growing needs of the agrofood industrial sector by "extracting nature".

The Wall of Ideas

Do you have a new idea  on an unexplored source of bioactive compounds?

Reusable Bag

Do you want to launch your new brand of cosmetic products with your own exclusive "signature" extract?


Are you a farmer exploring new ways of giving added value to your farming business?

NFA can undertake a throrough technical study to desing and develop new extracts on behalf of you! 

Scientific breakthrough

NFA was established with the vision of knowledge and scientific findings transfer with regards the exploitation and use of natural extracts for the design and production of food products with superior quality, enhanced biofunctionality and extended commercial shelf life.

Tailored to your needs

NFA extracts are tailored to be fully compatible with the final application system taking into account its physicochemical and structural properties. No need to readjust or alter your existing processing line or product formulation.

All natural

NFA extracts are produced by organically cultivated herbs serving as 100 % natural raw materials with bioactive functionality. Use NFA products to address consumers' growing demand for clean-label, natural products. NFA experts can show you the way!

NFA Brochure Launched

June 16, 2023

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Our new brochure describing our services and prodcuts is now launched in Greek!

Take a look and find out more about NFA extracts


December 07, 2022


We are happy to disseminate the first results of FRIETS Project in the 1st FRIETS WORKSHOP at Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras on December 7, 2022.


NFA, leading WP2 of the project, will be presenting the results on the recovery and encapsulation of bioactive compounds that will be further used to enhance functionality and extend the shelf life of minimally processed snack berry products.

Innovation Ready in Agrofood Technologies

July 07, 2021

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Excited to take part in the matchmaking event organized by SEV.  Really happy that we were invited to present NFA and our vision with regards the future in food technolgy and sustainability. SEV organized an exciting event we really enjoyed! You can find HERE more information about the event.

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Watch the event

Received EU funding

December 20, 2020

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Looking forward to kick-off FRIETS, a Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) project. FRIETS is a joint research and innovation initiative that aims in developing a strong partnership involving 13 partners from 5 European countries (Greece, Malta, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Romania) focusing on the sustainable optimization of the value chain of added-value fresh and dried berries through the integration of Precision Agriculture management strategies and innovative dehydration and edible coating processes

Scientific work published

October 2, 2020


Scientific publication on results generated from a collaboration with Prof. Oraiopoulou research group in NTUA, Labotatory of Food Chemistry and Technology. The article focuses on the extraction kinetics of phenolic antioxidants from the distillation residues of rosemary. 

Irini Psarrou, Antigoni Oreopoulou , Dimitrios Tsimogiannis, Vassiliki Oreopoulou. 2020. Extraction Kinetics of Phenolic Antioxidants from the Hydro Distillation Residues of Rosemary and Effect of Pretreatment and Extraction Parameters. Molecules 2020, 25(19): 4520

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